Pure Squalane Facial Oil


The Pure Squalane Facial Oil (15ml) is the perfect facial oil for all skin types due to its incredibly lightweight, easily absorbed texture. It is scentless and contains only one organic ingredient - a precious oil derived from the olive tree. Squalane is famed for its anti-irritant, skin-soothing properties as well as its regulation of the skin’s oil production. It is also a powerful anti-oxidant, and protects your skin from damage.


“I've tried it twice and love that it's extremely lightweight. I noticed that my skin looked healthier and more supple, and the best part -no break outs! Squalane also has antioxidant and therefore antiaging properties, making it a great multi tasking product for lazy snails like me ☺️💛” - @glowguru, Instagram

“I was afraid to apply oils on my face because I thought oil-free products are the only recommended ones to an oily skin like me. But, after reading reviews on facial oils, I was convinced to try this out. I like how this oil was easily absorbed by my skin. I also uses this on my dehydrated skin days and it instantly became plump and moisturized. 😍😍😍” - Abbie, BeautyMNL

“My oily skin has always made me fearful of anything with 'oil' in it. So as not to overwhelm my skin, I use this at night every other day and I always wake up to the softest skin the next day. It somehow manages to calm down small pimples/bumps. Since it's a facial oil, it takes a few minutes for my skin to absorb it completely so I massage it on my skin, as if I'm getting a face massage. Very relaxing!” - Jennifer, BeautyMNL

“I've always been on a search for a light facial oil that I can use in the morning and I don't have to fuss over getting it absorbed by my skin. This IHE squalane oil I find amazing because it's so light and easily absorbed but it gives the skin a good amount of moisture. I also love how it's pretty runny and light that I can mix it with my foundation for a light sheen finish.” - Angel, BeautyMNL

“I'm so happy Sample Room carries a sample of In Her Element products. The facial oil vials may look tiny, but a little truly goes a long way. I've been using this for approximately a month and I haven't consumed half yet. This Pure Squalane Facial Oil feels amazing, even on my oily skin. It's lightweight and easily absorbed. It makes my skin feel silky afterwards. I also use it on the skin around my eyes and it doesn't cause milia, so it's an all-around moisturizer.” - Aviva, Sample Room

“Glad to try this product. I am very choosy on the product i put on my face because I have a sensitive skin. This is a great moisturizer, it does not break me out. It is easily absorb by my face and its lightweight. Will surely purchase this again.” - leanie1981, Sample Room

“The usual dryness of my face just after waking up in the morning has been reduced. It's moisturizing effect is amazing it soothes the skin perfectly. I will definitely continue using this product.” - Edithgo, Sample Room

“I love facial oils! I have been using several types of facial oils (vitamin E, jojoba, argan, and rosehip oils). I have been researching about squalene facial oils, so when I saw that this was available here as a sample, I immediately wanted to try it. I used this together with my foundation and as other oils, it makes my foundation blends well easier. I also used this at night as my last step in my routine. I find that it does not make me greasy since it has a lightweight formula. I might purchase this one when I finished one of my facial oils.” - mdmeileen, Sample Room

“I am now fully convinced to purchase the pure squalene facial oil from In Her Element after trying it out. I use this oil in the morning because I use another In Her Element oil for my nighttime skincare. Sometimes I pat this directly on my skin or sometimes I mix this with my foundation or BB Cream to make them lighter. You are really paying for quality and a little goes a long way. I've only used up a quarter of my sample for a full week of testing! No oily feeling at all, just hydrated smoother skin. Love this Sampleroom!” - ghen363, Sample Room

USAGE: Apply two to three drops on skin and pat all over the surface gently. You may use this in place of moisturizer in the morning and at night.

You may also add a drop of this oil to your favorite foundation, moisturizer, or sunscreen to boost their moisturizing ability.

INGREDIENTS: 100% pure plant-derived squalane oil

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Keep in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

SHIPPING: PHP 40 for Metro Manila and PHP 150 for provincial. Shipping is free for orders above PHP 1,000.