The Spot Control Facial Oil (15ml) is a blend of premium, high-grade oils that work together to bring back balance to troubled skin. Sunflower oil is an excellent skin brightener and blemish remover due to its high fatty acid and Vitamin E content; both work to fade marks over time. Our Facial Oil also features Tea Tree and Green Tea, for fighting stubborn acne. Finally, it is infused with Jojoba Oil to re-balance skin.


โ€œI was able to use it for around 3 times and I liked it. It's a blend of sunflower oil, jojoba oil, tea trea, and green tea, which are all great for acne-prone skin ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป I loved that it was easily absorbed and that it didn't leave an icky oily residue. I was initially reluctant to apply more oil to my already oily skin, but the right type and amount of facial oil can actually add support and nourishment to my skin.โ€ - @glowguru_, Instagram

โ€œMy skin has always been oily and rough, with a few pimples during my period that could be stubborn at times. This face oil is THE ONLY product that helped me manage my skin problems, and minimized the appearance of pimples even during my period. I will definitely buy the full-sized version of this!โ€ - jhesza, Sample Room

โ€œAt first I was hesitant since it is an oil and I might have breakouts but it was the total opposite. It is lightweight and is easily absorbed so it doesn't really grease up your face that much. It deeply moisturizes the skin since you will really feel your skin being so soft and smooth.โ€ - cayl907, Sample Room

โ€œIn her element Spot Control Facial Oil was surprisingly delightful to use. It has a nice light and fresh scent. Not as overwhelming as other brands of spot control oil treatments. It's very light and easily absorbed by the skin. As for the spot control abilities, it doesn't significantly reduce the spot overnight, but I like how it helps prevent the spot from getting bigger and inflamed. Spot reduced over a few days which is not so bad since the product was still able to control it from getting worse. Overall, In Her Element Spot Control Facial Oil is a nice product to have handy specially for those days when breakouts are inevitable.โ€  - perper08, Sample Room

โ€œI'm not new to facial oils. This one came in 2 sample vials. Scent is floral but not overpowering and goes away in a few minutes. I applied a few drops on a damp face so it will be absorbed right away. Very easy to spread and be absorbed. Afte more than a few weeks' use, my face feels really soft and the breakouts I had before were gone. If I get any new zits, they go away in a day or two. I might purchase a bottle in the future.โ€ - nikkiz, Sample Room

โ€œThis spot control facial oil from In Her Element is really effective for me. I tried it on my pimples overnight and I noticed that it helps reduce the redness and slightly minimize the bumps as well. For that quick result, I must say that this product is worth the money.โ€ - jeannelucero, Sample Room

โ€œUpon using this facial oil consistently, my acne scars lightened and at the same time it shrinks the pimples that I have. I also love the Tea Tree Oil scent. However, since I have a combination type of skin, I feel like this product makes my nose area a little dry. Overall, I love this product because it lightened my acne scars!โ€   - anjmeowski, Sample Room

โ€œI'm placing an order right after I write this review for the spot control facial oil from In Her Element. This is the facial oil I use at night mixed in with my moisturizer or to seal in the goodness of my mask. This facial oil is very lightweight and has a therapeutic relaxing scent. I can't get enough. And in case you are wondering, my zits were halved! No new breakouts too. I love this so much I can't help but rave.โ€ - ghen363, Sample Room

USAGE: Apply two to three drops on skin and pat all over the surface gently. Massage it to heal and correct your skin at night, right before you sleep. 

INGREDIENTS: Sunflower Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Green Tea, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E 

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Keep in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

SHIPPING: PHP 40 for Metro Manila and PHP 150 for provincial. Shipping is free for orders above PHP 1,000.